Engineering Research Center is founded on the basis of Modern Service Research Center, Embedded System Research Center, Digitization Technology Laboratory, and Information System Laboratory. The subject of the research center is Context-aware Services, including three main directions (context awareness, awareness service, knowledge management), and involves several research fields (software engineering, service computing and intelligence, workflow, cloud computing, SOA, context awareness, Internet of things, multimedia and human-computer interaction, data mining, knowledge discovery). There are 15 teachers, 7 Doctor graduates, over 40 post-graduates in the research center. The projects being researched amount to 17, comprising projects of National Science and Technology Major Project, 863 Program, Science and Technology Support Program, Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and another 10 cooperative projects with IUT of Denmark, IBM, Intel, Google, China Mobile, Kingdee, etc.

In recent 5 years, Engineering Research Center has published more than 120 academic papers, and applies for over 10 patents. In addition to that, it has registered more than 20 software copyrights. The representative research results includes: ontology-based semantically enhanced service repository, test service platform based on SaaS, enterprise collaboration platform based on SaaS, IoT unifying data access middleware, digital home service platform based on context awareness, animation and comics resources management and service platform based on cloud computing, servicizing educational resources planning platform, multimedia digital learning platform, service-oriented credit bank system, portable terminal for automobile finance sale, USB2.0 living fingerprint reader, palmprint reader based on CCD, multi-sensor intelligent monitoring node, etc. Besides, Engineering Research Center also has the responsibilities to develop and promote SSM’s information systems and comprehensive practice cases base.

Engineering Research Center has many good long-term research partners, including related research institutions of The Pennsylvania State University, Technical University of Denmark, Stockholm University, University of Aizu, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, and IBM Research – China, Microsoft Research Asia, Intel Asia-Pacific Research And Development Ltd., Siemens Ltd. China Corporate Technology, Google China Engineering Research Institute, The Research Institution of China Mobile, PetroChina Information Technology Department, etc.