IT English Teacher Wanted, Peking University (2016-17 School Year)

What:      One Full-time IT English Instructor for master and second-major students in engineering and enterprise training.

Where:    Beijing Daxing Campus, School of Software and Microelectronics, PekingUniversity (PKU). Wuxi Campus, JiangsuProvince in spring 2017 (possible)

When:      From Sept. 12, 2016 to June 15, 2017 for two academic terms. Arrive at Beijing before Sept. 7, 2016.

Job Description: Average weekly teaching load (in-class instruction) is 15 hours, plus 15 hours on course preparation and homework correction, 2 for office hours and faculty meeting. All classrooms are installed with multi-media equipment. A series of well-organized ppt files for all class sessions are required to be provided and up-loaded to school website before each session begins.

Students: Most students are juniors in their master's program in the fields of software engineering, financial engineering, technical management, telecommunication, e-business, and digital art. They will be divided into 10 classes, with 35~45 people in each class. Each class will meet 14 3-hour sessions in a semester. There will be 5 classes for the fall semester and 5 for the spring semester.


  • Faculty housing provided both on Beijing and Wuxi campuses and all utilities paid by the school.

  • Bonuses provided based on candidate’s overload duty and/or work.

  • Basic salary to be discussed over interview.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Have at least a bachelor's degree, master or higher preferred.

  • Have demonstrated capability in teaching English; especially in IT related fields.

  • Be with reasonable background in the field of IT (preferred) and some interest and/or knowledge in Chinese culture (preferred).

  • English as native language.

Contact: Please send the following documents to

  • a cover letter to reflect on teaching English in China

  • an updated resume

  • a copy of current passport

  • two personal photos

  • certificates of bachelor and /or higher degree(s) if applicable

  • Chinese visa and Foreign Expert Certificate if you are currently working or have recently worked in China